Origin: Unknown
Clan: Unknown
Affiliation: Unknown
Type: Unknown

Blurb about bloodline. General overview of the bloodline and what clan(s) it is connected to, affiliation, etc.


Bloodline description goes here. Details are good. Include how it first activates.


History of the bloodline and its movements. Might be similar/same as the connected clan.

Distinguishing Features

Physical characteristics that are known to frequently/always occur when a person has this bloodline. If there are specific differences between carrier, dormant, and active, include those with mention of when they are applicable. Clothing features would go under related clan, rather than here.

Related Jutsu

Jutsu connected to the bloodline due to capabilities granted by the bloodline. This includes taijutsu styles centered around use of the bloodline, such as the Gentle Fist with the Byakugan. If there are none, just say "None."

Typical User Statistics

These are typical statistics of non-carrier members of the bloodline.

Statistic Lower Rank Cap Upper Rank Cap Additional Information
Ninjutsu Unknown Unknown
Genjutsu Unknown Unknown
Taijutsu Unknown Unknown
Fuinjutsu Unknown Unknown
Juinjutsu Unknown Unknown
Sougujutsu Unknown Unknown
Flexibility Unknown Unknown
Physical Power Unknown Unknown
Stamina Unknown Unknown
Intelligence Unknown Unknown
Chakra Capacity Unknown Unknown
Chakra Control Unknown Unknown
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