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This wiki is mainly intended for use and editing by members of the Viridian Dreams forum who are participating in the Naruto RP. Anyone one else will likely be on a case by case basis.

Note: Wikidot appears to have regular issues sending emails to hotmail accounts. Since there's email activation involved in making a wikidot account, this may likely be an issue. Unfortunately, the only option currently is to just use a different email address that's not hotmail to make the account.

The applications list page is checked 1-2 times a day, so wait time to become a site member should be 12-18 hours at most depending on when application was placed.

Note: Signing up to the site may set you to automatically watch the site. This may result in a member receiving emails whenever a page is edited. There are some design changes in the work from wikidot that may fix this, but it can be turned off within your account settings.

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