Wiki Checklist

This page will serve as a checklist for progress on the wiki.
Last Update: 16 Apr 2012

Added a Stage 2 and shifted the current one to become Final Stage.

Stage 1

Stage 1 will cover getting the initial pages up and running, primarily all menu listed items.

Stage 1 - 96% complete
  • Total Pages: 26
  • Pages complete: 25
  • Pages remaining: 1

Stage 2

Stage 2 involves populating key entries and menu items added since Stage 1 was set-up. This stage will have a fixed set of entries (as with Stage 1), and will only increase if it's deemed an entry is key.

Current Key Categories by Group:
Beings: Bloodline, Clan
Atlas: Location
Government: Government, Ninja

Stage 2 - 75% complete
  • Total Pages: 126
  • Pages complete: 94
  • Pages remaining: 32

Final Stage

Stage 3 involves populating the uncreated pages linked to from various pages. Stage 3 values include the pages from Stage 1 and 2. Values may alter due to additional pages being linked and thus needing creation.

Final Stage - 81% complete
  • Total Pages: 300
  • Pages complete: 244
  • Pages remaining: 56
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