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  • Border colors for tables should be "#0a9200"; this color is the primary green used with this theme.
  • Includes do not accept any double or triple bracket strings. This means that an entry cannot be linked within an include such as with the infobox variables.
    • If I recall correctly, the reason is that the first two closing brackets (both closing brackets in the case of a double bracket tag, first two in the case of a triple) register as the close for the include for whatever reason.
    • I could get around this by physically having the infobox on the template page, but that would cause issue with updating entries should the design/layout/whatever be changed in the future. I am looking at ways to work around the limitation

Categories with Templates

Some categories have templates that'll be auto-added when a new page is edited within that category. Jutsu, Characters, Locations, Clans, Summons, Demons, and Bloodlines are currently the only ones with templates.

Use footnotes where needed to refer to sources (other than Viridian Dreams forum threads) that something was borrowed from. If there isn't a footnote block tag at the bottom of the page and a footnote is used, add it with a title of "References".





Clan, Summons, Demons



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