Suna Table of Organization

The smallest of the major villages, Suna has had to adapt to maintain it's position as a major village due to many years of budget cuts. Even after the budget situation changed, the Kazekage pushed for quality over quantity, resulting in little increase in military size, but a significant percentage increase in higher level shinobi compared to other villages.

Table of Organization

Administrative Corps

  • Administration Division
    • Internal Revenue Battalion
    • Legal Services Battalion
    • Library and Archives Battalion
  • Communications Division
    • Courier Battalion
    • Messenger Creatures Battalion
  • Military Police Division

Tokushu Butai Corps (Special Forces Corps)

  • Field Division
    • Assassination Battalion
    • Hunter Ninja Battalion
    • Operations (Ops) Battalion
  • Intel Division
    • Cryptology, Forgery, Spying, and Seduction (CFS2) Battalion
    • Internal Affairs (IA) Battalion
    • Jutsu Research & Development (JR&D) Battalion
    • Torture & Interrogation (T&I) Battalion

Combat Corps

  • Defense Division
    • Construction Battalion
      • Includes Demolition teams
    • Medical Battalion
      • Includes medic ninja and veterinary ninja
  • Reconnaissance Division
    • Infiltration and Reconnaissance Battalion
    • Search, Retrieve, Interrogate (SRI) Battalion
  • Strike Division
    • Combat and Tactical Battalion
    • Assault Battalion
    • Free Response Battalion

Puppeteer Corps

  • Construction Division
  • Light Combat Division
  • Heavy Combat Division

Training Corps

  • Military Police Training Battalion
  • Ninja Training Battalion
  • Puppeteer Training Battalion

Special Combat Designations

Elite teams of Fuuton masters/mistresses.

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