Type: Summon
Affiliation: Konoha
Leader: Gamabunta

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Toads know many jutsu that ninjas know, particularly ones that can work in combination with the summoner's jutsu.

Friends and Foes



Distinguishing Features

They're toads. They wear coats, too.

Notable Members

Great Toad Sage
The oldest of the Toads, this toad is several thousand years old. He is known for his highly accurate prophecies.
Fukasaku and Shima
Known as the Great Sage Toads, this husband and wife couple teach the Senjutsu arts. They participated in Jiraiya's fight with Pein and later in Naruto's battle with Pein. Fukasaku was killed in the battle, but revived at the end.
Boss Summon of the Toad family, Gamabunta is one of the largest toad summons currently. He frequently has a smoking pipe in his mouth. He wields a blade that is knife-sized relative to the toad. He has fought against two tailed beasts - Kyuubi and, a little over a decade later, Shukaku. He was also involved in the battle versus Pein in Konoha a few years after that.
Holder of the Toad Summoning Contract. He dresses more like a samurai and wears a bead necklace.
Son of Gamabunta. He appears to be the summon of choice for Naruto Uzumaki. While he was quite small when he was first summoned around 79 AF, he's grown quite well since then and by 83 AF was taller than Naruto.
Gamaken is around the same height as the Summon Boss Gamabunta. He has a shield and a Samasuta-like weapon. He was involved in Jiraiya's battle with Pein and later with Naruto's battle with Pein in Konoha.
Also ranking as one of the largest toad summons, Gamahiro uses two swords in combat. He took part in the Suna-Oto Invasion, and a few years later in the fight against Pein in Konoha.
As a scroll toad, Gerotora guards the information written on his scroll-abdomen. Gerotora himself holds information regarding the seal holding the Kyuubi. He was passed to Jiraiya on Minato's death, and Jiraiya passed him to Naruto. Scroll toads reside in the belly of the contractor.

Other information

  • Toads are freshwater creatures and do not like salt water environments.
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