Type: Summon
Affiliation: Konoha
Leader: Hasaki

The Mongoose clan are something of a contradiction. While proud and noble, they are also playful and mischievous. They have a loose hierarchy of status, with the only real fixed positions being the clan leader and the Council of Thunder, made up of the 40 most powerful warriors and wisest elders of the clan. The clan appreciate allies with sharp minds as well as physical power, demonstrated by their habit of bartering their payment each time they are summoned, unless circumstances are such that they cannot take the time. In such cases they barter after the danger has passed, with a marked increase in their requested payment.


The Mongoose clan is old, but their addition to the ranks of the Summon Animals is relatively new, less than a decade in fact, thanks to the creation of their contract by Itsuki Takuma.


All of the Mongoose clan are masters of Raiton energy. The clan head and his advisers are capable of transforming themselves into living bolts of lightning energy.

"Senjoukoukuusoshi no Mangu-su" (Battlefield Air Interdiction of the Mongoose) - Hasaki's ace, he builds up a heavy positive ionic charge in his coat and then disperses it over an area. The resulting negative charge dropping from the heavens has been likened to a literal sheet of lightning.

"Raiton: Tenmou" (Lighting Style: Heaven's Net) - a capture and disabling jutsu requiring several participants, each member of the group throws a "line" of raiton chakra to another on the opposite side of the area they are targeting. The group then runs in synch around the boundary of the target area at high speed, reversing direction at random intervals signaled by minute flares of chakra. This technique requires intense focus and precise mastery of their element.

Friends and Foes


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The Snake summons are the formal enemies of the Mongoose clan.

Distinguishing Features

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Notable Members

Lord Hasaki - leader of the clan and a powerful warrior.

Other information

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