Naruto Idea 35

Idea 35


Team Taco

Members: ewuvi, Dark, serbii
Uzumaki: Kushina

Team Epoch

Members: Squirrely, QuoteMyFoot, Phht
Uzumaki: Masuyo Uzumaki, Naruto's Great-Grandma
Time frame: ~47 years before Kyuubi attack, months prior to the start of the Second Great Shinobi War.
Description: Masuyo has some interesting events occur while setting up trade routes and volunteering to help cook in her free time.

Team Manly

Members: MrRigger, Tempest
Uzumaki: Naruto's Grandpa

Team Unnamed!

Members: MEK, Random_Fan
Uzumaki: Naruto's Great-Grandpa (other side of family from Masuyo Uzumaki)

(?) Thozmp, SLAMU

fic stuff here

Unteamed peoples

Magnificate(?), Nebula, Anti(?), Ironwolf(?), spudman, Kirai, Jasruv

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