Special Jounin

Special Jounin is an interesting rank in ninja forces. It is a Chunin in authority and responsibility except in a specific area of specialization - as designated when they take the rank - where they have the authority of a Jounin. As such, they aren't really a vertical promotion as a sorta diagonal lateral promotion.


As stated above, a Special Jounin maintains the responsibilities that they had as a Chunin, but are treated as a Jounin when it comes to their particular specialization. A Special Jounin is typically stronger than the average Chunin and can begin to take A-rank missions, though generally ones dealing with their specialization if doing it solo.

Becoming a Special Jounin

To achieve the rank of Special Jounin, a Chunin must show Jounin level skill in an area of specialization. Examiners also look for solid Chunin skills and sufficient experience in the tested field. In general, going for the promotion test with Advanced specialization certification for that field makes things go more smoothly and shows that a ninja is not possibly wasting time with the attempt.

Tests as Special Jounin

There are no mandatory tests after becoming Special Jounin like there was following the Chunin promotion, and no mandatory courses to take either. As a result, the testing options available to ninja of this rank are more or less the same as for a Chunin and the only promotion exam option available is the Jounin Exam.

Typical Stats

Special Jounin generally have C-rank to B-rank skills, with a possible A-rank or higher in a specific area (this might not be true, depending on their specialization). Special Jounin aiming for Jounin typically have multiple A-ranks and no C-ranks, and experienced Special Jounin typically have mostly B-rank skills minimum.

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