Shinobi Proctor

Shinobi proctors are widely feared. Feared by civilians due to their ability to spot all cheating the civilians may try, and feared by shinobi for nearly the same reason, though possibly slightly more for their skills at spotting bluffs. Shinobi Proctors are well trained in the anti-cheating arts, interpreting body language, and spotting subtle body cues. They are highly demanded for important civilian testing and also make appearances for important shinobi testing where cheating is not considered a good thing.

Shinobi instructors are encouraged to have this specialization, though it is not required unless they do horribly at spotting cheating. Torture & Interrogation also encourages prospective members to have this specialization for its body language and body cue training.

Rank: Chunin
Status: Optional
Skill: Administration Advanced Level

  • Pass a thorough background check
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