Ninja Villages

This specializations familiarizes ninja with the appearance, jutsu, bloodlines, and tactics of other villages. At the lowest level, it amounts to recognizing village symbols. At the highest level, it allows a ninja to accurately identify a ninja by their jutsu use and tactics, among other things, without needing to rely on visual uniform clues that many high-level ninja forgo.

Proficiency Levels


Rank: Academy Student
Status: Mandatory

Description: Teaches identification of foreign village headbands and ranks. This includes flak jacket differences and headbands.


Rank: Chunin
Status: Mandatory
Skill: Ninja Villages Introductory level
Other: Taught to new Chunin following their promotion.

Description: At this level, the course teaches identifying common jutsu and bloodlines to a village.


Rank: Jounin
Status: Mandatory
Skill: Ninja Villages Basic level

  • Taught to new Jounin following their promotion.
  • Taught to Chunin on induction into ANBU to be immediately followed by Ninja Villages Advanced level.

Description: This level goes more in depth on bloodlines, common higher level jutsu of different villages, and how to guess what village a ninja may be from in absence of a headband.


Rank: Chunin
Status: Mandatory
Skill: Ninja Villages Intermediate level
Other: ANBU only (or village's equivalent)

Description: A more in-depth version of Intermediate level, the specifics covered depends on where in ANBU one is assigned.

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