Missing Ninja

Missing ninja, also known as missing-nin or nuke-nin, are not ninja that disappeared during a mission or war, but ninja that have abandoned their villages or committed crimes against the hidden village or country.

Missing ninja are then ranked by how dangerous they are, which is used by a village's Hunter Ninja to determine how much effort and resources to expend on a ninja. Like with ninja skills, missing ninja are ranked using the E-to-S scale. Most missing ninja are B-rank or higher in the bingo book, because weak ninja don't typically last long after abandoning their village or being declared a missing nin. E-rank or D-rank opponents, usually Genin level, are largely not deliberately targeted by a village's hunters because of their relative weakness. Missing ninja above A-rank are referred to as S-class rather than S-rank, and are the most dangerous prey hunted.

While taking out their village's missing-nin is the primary responsibility of a village's Hunter Ninja, it does not prohibit them or other ninja of the village from taking out missing-nin from other villages and collecting the bounty on them.

Notable crimes that have resulted in missing ninja status include: attempting to wipe out their country's daimyos, attempting coup against their village, wiping out their entire clan (and abandoning the village), and performing unethical experiments on their village's ninja and citizens.

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