A Kage is the leader of a hidden village. However, only five of the ninja villages actually can use the title. Each of the five has a slight variant of the generic Kage title that is unique to their village - the five being Iwa (Tsuchikage), Kiri (Mizukage), Konoha (Hokage), Kumo (Raikage), and Suna (Kazekage).


As the leader of the village and supreme commander of its ninja force, the Kage is largely faced with administrative tasks outside of war. They are responsible for assigning missions, approving promotions, and maintaining good relations with the country's leader. During wartime, they decide on the village's strategy and the deployment and use of ninja forces. If necessary, they come out of the village to assist at the front line.

A kage typically did not survive long enough to retire, though that has changed somewhat in the years following the Fourth Great Shinobi War. Out of seven Hokages, for instance, two were killed in war, one died stopping a rampaging bijuu, and one made it to retirement, only to come out of retirement after his successor died and later was killed in battle. The fifth and sixth Hokages survived to retire, though there was at least one close call with each.

Becoming a Kage

The specifics of how a Kage is picked varies, though the opinion of the country's leader greatly influences the decision. Generally, specific members of the village's government meet with the leader and his advisors and discuss options. The leader picks an option, who then may become Acting Kage (in the event the current Kage is dead or comatose). After this, the candidate is put before the village's Jounin and a vote is taken to approve the selection or not. Following a successful Jounin vote, the candidate becomes the Kage officially, and typically has a nice ceremony before the villagers and ninja to announce it.

What is looked for differs, but to be a candidate for the role requires Kage-level skill. Rank isn't critical to this criteria, though nearly all Kage-level ninja are naturally Jounin ranked. Beyond that, their personality and career is discussed and opinions on the suitability are provided.

Typical Stats

As the figure leading the village, a Kage must have skills that put them at the top of the rankings. As such, all Kage have A-rank minimum across the core skills and multiple S-rank skills.

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