Internal Affairs (specialization)

Internal Affairs (IA) is the watch dog of a village's ninja force. They investigate incidents and claims of wrongdoing, treason, and the like involving active duty ninja. They also investigate lawbreaking or misconduct claims regarding Military Police personnel. Due to the nature of their investigations, IA ninja need to be able to combat high level ninja including Tokushu Sakusen Butai members if necessary. As a result, no candidates for this course can receive waivers for any part of training.

All Internal Affairs agents wear full-body concealment when on-duty to maintain secrecy as to their identity. They also do not refer to their work or job when off-duty. IA ninja work in pairs. The only people aware of the identities of IA agents are the TSB commander, specific division captain, and the battalion captain. In some cases, the Torture and Interrogation captain is also aware.

Rank: Chunin
Status: Optional
Skill: Tokushu Sakusen Butai

Encouraged Skills:

  • Forensics, Combat
  • Forensics, Criminal
  • Forensics, Medical
  • Legal Services
  • Logistics Intermediate Level or higher
  • Strategy Basic Level or higher
  • Tactics Intermediate Level or higher
  • Specialist, Ninjutsu Adept or better
  • Specialist, Genjutsu Adept or better
  • Specialist, Sougujutsu Adept or better
  • Specialist, Taijutsu Adept or better

Minimum Skill Set on Completion:

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