Infiltration & Cover

The second of two Infiltration specializations, Infiltration & Cover (I&C) covers entering areas through disguise and undercover rather than stealth infiltration. It is technically two separate specializations, but since the difference between the two specializations is merely gender - a version for shinobi and a version for kunoichi -, it was decided to "merge" the two under a single specialization.

While very chakra or jutsu intensive like Stealth & Infiltration, I&C is generally considered the harder of the two Infiltration specializations. This is due to the need to not use jutsu and learn how to act non-ninja-trained when necessary.

Proficiency Levels


Rank: Academy Student
Status: Optional
Skill: None
Other: None

Description: Teaches common civilian tasks, manners, and non-chakra means to perform various jobs. For kunoichi, this includes tea ceremony and flower arranging.


Rank: Genin
Status: Optional
Skill: Infiltration & Cover Basic Level
Other: None

Description: Continues working on common civilian 'identity' training. At this level, one begins going into how to quick research a background to know relevant facts to make a more believable cover. Also, training begins on changing body language, dress styles, and other methods to make oneself more accurately not appear to be a ninja.


Rank: Chunin
Status: Optional

Other: None

Description: Goes into depth on being a cover identity. Extensive further work on body language, dress styles, and other means to not be spotted as a ninja by attentive people such as bodyguards and other ninja. Incorporates knowledge of specific countries to illustrate use of the knowledge to quickly create cover identities originating from those locations.

This level also includes learning chakra masking to appear as a civilian to sensor-type ninjas.

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