Genin are the lowest level of active duty ninjas for a Hidden Village. Generally the rookies and weakest ninja, most Genin make it to Chunin within a few years of graduating from their village's Academy. Those that don't make it within around five years tend to be relegated to administrative roles and progress to Chunin through administrative tests.


Genin, being at the bottom of the food chain, don't have many responsibilities. They're typically training their skills and performing D-rank or C-rank missions. They operate in teams commanded by a Chunin or better and don't really have any command authority.

Becoming a Genin

To become a Genin, a prospective ninja attends the Academy. At the end of their training period, generally around 6-7 years of training, they take a graduation exam to see if they're fit to become ninja. If they pass, they become Genin and are assigned to a team.

Some villages perform a second test for part of their graduates referred to as the Genin Exam. A team's jounin-sensei gives them a test to determine whether to take the genin on as students.

Tests as Genin

Genin don't have to worry about many tests. The main ones they concern themselves with are for promotion to Chunin. Most Genin take one of the two Chunin Exams performed yearly. After participating in one Exam, alternate options open up to provide promotion but getting a promotion from the Exam is more prestigious than other methods and one promotion method largely locks the user from becoming Jounin.

Genin can take aptitude tests to change their official ranking on the E to S scale. Their ranking can determine exam eligibility and pay. Some ninja, such as the STC-trained "military" ninja of Konoha, generally do not take the Chunin Exam unless they're expectional, and instead take the aptitude tests as units to determine promotion.

The other tests Genin may concern themselves with are specializations certification. These test certify a ninja as competent - knowledge and practical - to certain standards in a field. "Career" Genin tend to pick up numerous certifications in various areas to make themselves more useful.

Typical Stats

Genin should have generally D-rank skills, though one or two E-rank skills may not be an issue. As they get more training and experience, their skills start climbing to C-rank. Genin with a few or more skills at C-rank are likely ready for taking the Chunin Exams.

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