Chunin are the middle of the promotion ladder. They act as team leaders and are strong enough to begin doing solo missions of certain rankings. Many Chunin are not, in fact, combat ninja, but rather are administrative ninja. The bulk of a village's "military" ninja are this rank. For the majority of ninja, this is where they'll stay during their career.


Becoming a Chunin gives a ninja their first real responsibilities. As a Chunin, they can be given command of ninja teams to carry out missions where the success or failure can be largely dependent on their leadership skills. Chunin are given access to B-rank missions in addition to a wider variety of C-rank missions than they could take as a Genin.

Becoming a Chunin

There are numerous paths to becoming a Chunin, though some are generally not available until after a ninja has passed a certain point of the Chunin Exam, or has been a Genin for over two years. The Chunin Exam tests the skills and abilities of the hopefuls to wash out the ones not yet ready for the dangers and responsibility. The examiners look for leadership abilities and smart thinking in addition to the other, more visible capabilities of a hopeful.

More information on the Exam and alternate promotion methods is available under Exams.

Tests as Chunin

After achieving the rank of Chunin, a ninja goes through a much larger and comprehensive test than they took to graduate. This test serves to update the new Chunin's record to ensure it is current for mission assigning purposes. Following the completion of the test, a Chunin has no further mandatory testing. It is recommended to perform sections of the aptitude test when needed to keep the record up to date on skill growth. Typically, the full test is not done in one chunk due to the length of time needed to take it.

As when they were Genin, Chunin can take courses for specializations and the number of choices is far greater than generally available to a Genin. Once the mandatory aptitude testing is complete, new Chunin are required to go through the Basic level Ninja Villages specialization course.

A Chunin can also take two promotion tests. The first recognizes that they have substantial ability in an area of specialization, and successful completion grants the rank of Special Jounin. The second test grants the rank of Jounin and should not be considered until a Chunin has B-rank or higher skills across the board.

Typical Stats

New Chunin typically have C-rank and a few D-rank skills. As they train further and get more experience through missions, their skills climb to B-rank and A-rank. Veteran Chunin that don't wish to become Jounin may have all A-rank skills despite what their rank suggests. Administrative Chunin tend to cap out in skills in the C-ranks at best, having gained rank through administrative testing instead of skill.

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