Wood Country
Wood Country
Romaji: Mori no Kuni
English: Wood Country
Alternate Names: Forest Country, Hayashi no Kuni
Formed: 25 AF
Government: Daimyo
Status: Minor
Location: Northeast border of Fire Country. East border of Rice Field Country.
Industry: Lumber, Woodcrafting

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Recent History

Forest Country and Wood Country were formed out of a piece of Fire Country in 25 AF from the treaty ending the First Great Shinobi War. Some time during the 50s to 70s AF, a group of assassins based themselves in this country and were mostly wiped out by Konoha Root forces. Forest Country and Wood Country merged in 74 AF. In 83 AF, the assassin group's survivors were wiped out in Fire Country when they attacked Interim Hokage Danzo on his way to the Kage Summit.

Regional Location

Ocean Sky Country
Rice Field Country
Wood Country
Fire Country Ocean
Wave Country
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