Wind Country
Wind Country
Romaji: Kaze no Kuni
English: Wind country
Formed: Unknown
Government: Daimyo
Status: Major
Location: South of Valley, Bird, and Rain Countries
Industry: Hidden Village, Glass, Shipping

Known for its vast desert and plentiful coastline, Wind Country is a major shipper of goods and has a booming glass industry. It forms part of the western edge and largely is considered the southwestern corner of the Elemental Lands region. The country's last major industry of note is its hidden village of Suna.


Wind Country doesn't really care much about the events going on around them. They accepted the gift of a jinchuuriki as the peace offering it was from Konoha and decided to let things be. When Iwa invaded Wind Country and began the First Great Shinobi War, the surprised Suna ninja traded space for time, drawing the enemy forces deeper into the deserts that were their home territory. Suna used hit-and-run tactics to wipe out half of the invaders and slow the remainder's advance to a crawl. Soon after they replied in kind, invading Earth Country and were pushed back over the following two years. The war's end brought some loss of territory to the country with the formation of buffer countries between them and the other major countries.

The country nursed its wounds and recovered over the following decades before it felt that it should "recover" the land lost to it during the war. Two other major countries seemed to have similar ideas and a three-way free-for-all erupted in the western part of the Elemental Lands that would be later called the Second Great Shinobi War. The minor country of Rain Country sided with Wind as did a few other minor countries. The fighting largely took place in the buffer countries, leaving them devastated by the end of the war. Eventually, Iron Country again negotiated an end to the fighting, leaving the borders and conditions largely unchanged from before the war.

Wind Country saw war again only a couple decades later with the start of the Third Great Shinobi War, when Earth Country sought to take advantage of the disappearance of the current Kazekage and Suna's search for him. The desert once more provided a decisive defense location against the Iwa ninja as Suna fought a defensive war, while once-more-allies Konoha battled it out with Iwa across Grass Country. Iwa's significant defeat by Konoha led to an end to the war, and once more the static borders remained after the treaty.

Wind Country soon began cutting the budget of Suna, which resulted in the village working with a missing nin to destroy Konoha in an attempt to get the funding back. The invasion failed, but relations between the village and daimyo improved in the following years that the budget was returned to normal. It was briefly a battleground in the Fourth Great Shinobi War.

Notable Organizations

Wind Country's hidden village, Suna is located in the northeastern part of the country near the River Country border. It is one of the five Great Shinobi Villages.

Regional Location

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Wind Country
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