Whirlpool Country
Whirlpool Country
Romaji: Uzu no Kuni
English: Whirlpool Country
Formed: 42 AF, 98 AF
Government: Daimyo
Status: Moderate
Location: Peninsula west of
Water Country,
bordering Fire Country
Industry: Hidden Village, Poisons, Drugs

Located bordering the southern tip of Fire Country, Whirlpool country is a peninsula that "points" towards Water Country. It's primary industries are its poisons, drugs, and hidden village. It was conquered and annexed by Water Country, but quickly ended up free due to civil war. It reformed several decades later.


Whirlpool Country was formed in 42 AF, shortly before the Second Great Shinobi War began. It became known for its poisons and drugs from various sea life fairly unique to the area. Its Hidden village, Uzugakure no Sato, became well known for their skill at improvising tactics and weapons and their seeming inability to realize they're outmatched and lose.

Whirlpool Country's poison and drug industries were much coveted by neighboring Water Country. In 65 AF, while the majority of the Elemental Countries were involved in the Third Great Shinobi War on the other side of the Elemental Lands, Kiri invaded Whirlpool Country. Despite the best efforts of Uzu, the country was conquered and the hidden village razed.

Three years later, Water Country and Kiri began bloodline purges in the former Whirlpool Country, sparking a civil war throughout the major country once news spread. Water Country shrank over the following ten years as the civil war continued, and the former Whirlpool Country was among the first sections to be lost by the larger country.

The country began working to rebuild itself, and in 98 AF they declared themselves reformed. Uzu was officially reformed at the same time. This was taken as an affront by elements of Kiri, who tried to wipe the place out again. Unfortunately, Konoha Jounin Naruto Uzumaki was in the country looking for information on his mother and he helped stop the attack.

In 108 AF, the Elemental Countries officially considered it a stable, lasting country.

Notable Locations

Whirlpool Country's Hidden Village.

Regional Location

Wave Country
Ocean Fire Country Water Country
Whirlpool Country
Tea Country Ocean
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