Wave Country
Wave Country
Romaji: Nami no Kuni
English: Wave Country
Formed: 70 AF
Government: Daimyo
Status: Minor
Location: Off east coast of Fire Country
Industry: Trade

Located in a prime trade location, Wave Country hoped to take advantage of their location to boost their economy when it formed. A slight misjudgment years later resulted in the near total takeover of the country by a ruthless business owner named Gato. Following his death, Wave Country finally managed to get its trade industry into gear with the Great Naruto Bridge and has become a major hub along the eastern part of the Elemental Lands.


Wave Country formed into a country in 70 AF. In 78 AF, Gato Shipping was the first big multinational company to come to the country, and promptly began taking total control of the country. Gato was killed in 79 AF and Wave Country wrestled control back from the company following the completion of the Great Naruto Bridge. It also seized all Gato Shipping assets within the country and used them to jump start the economy. Wave recovered economically from Gato's reign by 83 AF and aided in the rebuilding of Konoha following Pein's attack that year.

In the years since, it has become a trade hub for shipping going up and down the eastern side of the Elemental Lands. It's Great Naruto Bridge provides a land route into Fire Country, while its placement puts it at a nice resupply point for shipping between the northern and southern areas of the region. While it maintains a small Dojo, it is also home to a small contingent of Konoha, Kiri, and Kumo ninja that help deal with bandits and pirates in the area.

Notable Locations

Great Naruto Bridge
Built in 79AF, the bridge was central to the overthrow of Gato within the country. Named after one of the Konoha ninja that escorted the bridge designer back to Wave Country, it became a symbol of hope for the country. A multi-lane bridge, the Great Naruto Bridge enables high volumes of traffic to pass over it while being tall enough that most ships can pass under it safely.

Zabuza Compound
The staging point of the Demon of the Mist Zabuza Momochi prior to his death during the overthrow of Gato, it was refurbished and upgraded to serve as the training hall and administrative offices for the Dojo formed in the 90s AF.

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