Waterfall Country
Waterfall Country
Romaji: Taki no Kuni
English: Waterfall Country
Formed: 25AF
Government: Daimyo
Status: Moderate Country
Location: Borders Earth Country in the west, Iron Country in the east, Grass and Fire Countries in south.
Industry: Trade, Hidden Village

Waterfall Country, named after the Hidden Village that was located in that land during the First Great Shinobi War, is today a thriving economic powerhouse. In addition to its large amount of trade, Waterfall Country is home to the minor hidden village of Taki, which was rebuilt six years after the country's creaton.


Named after the hidden village that had been located within the land designated for the country, Waterfall Country was formed in 25 AF out of the treaty ending the First Great Shinobi War. It's trade increased over the course of the next half century and the country's wealth enabled it to stand on level with major countries in economic negotiations.

Notable Organizations

The Hidden Village that gave the county its name, it is located in the center of Waterfall Country, it is the second iteration of the village. The first Taki was destroyed during the First Great Shinobi War.

Notable Locations

Regional Location

Earth Country Waterfall Country Iron Country
Grass Country Fire Country
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