Water Country
Water Country
Romaji: Mizu no Kuni
English: Water Country
Formed: Unknown
Government: Daimyo
Status: Major
Location: East of Wave and Whirlpool Countries
Industry: Hidden Village, Ship building

The least concentrated country in the Elemental Lands, Water Country is a collection of islands that forms part of the eastern border of the region. It is well known for its shipbuilding industry. It's ninja village and civil war period has also made the country well known, though not in good ways.


An island country, it used its hidden village to help expand its borders along with quality diplomacy. By the time the First Great Shinobi War began, its collection of islands enabled it to control shipping along the eastern length of the Elemental Lands region. It stayed out of the war before Lightning Country's navy refused to stop sinking neutral shipping, resulting in Kiri going in alongside Konoha and Suna. Water Country defeated the opposing naval forces and assisted Kiri in numerous operations during the war. The fighting continued until Iron Country mediated the end of the war in 25 AF.

Water Country stayed largely out of the way over the following decades, with the subsequent Great Shinobi Wars occurring on the other side of the region. During the Third Great Shinobi War, Water Country invaded and annexed Whirlpool Country while the country's allies were distracted by the fighting elsewhere. Soon after, a bloodline purge was begun in the new territory that sparked a civil war throughout the country. By the time the civil war comes to a close in 79 AF, Water Country has shrunk to its original island and Kiri was badly gutted personnel-wise.

Following the conclusion of the Fourth Great Shinobi War in 83 AF, Kiri worked with the daimyo to begin peacefully re-expanding the borders to their former glory. 98 AF saw an attempt by a faction in the country to retake Whirlpool Country, but the attempt was soundly defeated. In 130 AF, Water Country finished returning its borders to their pre-65 AF locations.

Notable Organizations

Water Country's Hidden Village, one of the five Great hidden villages. It is located on the western side of Water Country's largest island.

Regional Location

Sky Country Lightning Country
Wood Country
Wave Country Water Country
Whirlpool Country
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