Valley Country
Valley Country
Romaji: Tani no Kuni
English: Valley Country
Formed: 30s AF
Government: Daimyo
Status: Minor Country
Location: Between Earth and Wind Countries, with Bird Country on the eastern border
Industry: Unknown

Part of the territory upheavals following the end of the First Great Shinobi War and predating the Second Great Shinobi War, Valley Country seceded from Mountain Country.


Formed in 25 AF by the Treaty of Funkakou Gai as part of Mountain Country, Valley Country seceded to form its own country in the 30s AF. After seceding, Valley Country formed its own hidden village of Tani to oppose Mountain Country's hidden village Kagerou. Mountain Country and Valley Country had a cold war of sorts on going after that.

During the Second Great Shinobi War, Mountain Country's hidden village was badly battered fighting Konoha forces and Tani pounced on the weakened village after the surviving ninja had returned to it. They succeeded in destroying the village, but took such losses that the village itself was wiped out by Suna forces during an offensive against Iwa. Valley Country did not reform their hidden village and slipped into obscurity as another minor country.

Notable Locations

Ruins of Tanigakure no Sato
Formed in the 30s AF following Valley Country's secession from Mountain Country, Tani was destroyed in 49 AF by Suna forces that were moving against Iwa lines. Some attempts were made to recover personal items and property from the ruins, but it has been largely left abandoned since its destruction. It is located near the center of the country in the eastern half.

Regional Location

Mountain Country Earth Country
Valley Country Bird Country
Wind Country
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