Romaji: Uzugakure no Sato
English: Hidden Whirlpool
Formed: 42 AF, 98 AF
Government: Jounin-Oyabun
Population ~9,300 (~3,100 ninja)
Status: Minor
Location: Unknown

Formed in 42 AF at the same time as its parent country of Whirlpool Country, Uzu made good use of the unique drugs and poisons native to the area. Due to being between two major villages, Uzu ninja worked to find any advantage they could to even the odds in the numbers game of ninja force size. As a result, they became quite adept at improvising tactics and weapons using whatever was around them and even used highly unconventional weapons to great effect. They also became quite stubborn, often winning against odds that most ninjas of other villages would've known they were outmatched by.

As they were reforming, they had to use the Dojo system rather than a full Hidden Village because they had insufficient numbers for a full village. Numbers grew sufficiently that Uzu fully reformed as a Hidden Village in 98 AF when Whirlpool Country officially reformed.

Recent History

Originally formed in 42 AF just prior to the Second Great Shinobi War, Uzu avoided participating in any of the great wars. Unfortunately, in 65 AF Water Country had Kiri invade Whirlpool Country, annexing the land and razing Uzu despite the village's best efforts. The survivors either went underground or fled to other countries. After the former Whirlpool Country was freed due to civil war, Uzu ninja began returning to the country.

In the 70s AF, a Dojo was formed with the aid of Konoha in a village near the previous Uzu. By the time Whirlpool Country officially reformed in 98 AF, Uzu had grown sufficiently that the village it had restarted in was renamed and became a full Hidden Village. They had their first conflict as a hidden village when rogue elements of Kiri attempted to destroy the village, but the forces were defeated with help from Konoha ninja that were in the area.

Treaties and Alliances

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