Tea Country
Tea Country
Romaji: Cha no Kuni
English: Tea Country
Formed: Unknown
Government: Daimyo
Status: Minor country
Location: Peninsula south of Fire Country
Industry: Tea, Fishing

A minor country located on the peninsula extending south from Fire Country, Tea Country is mostly mountains and forests, and the majority of the villages and cities are along the coastline. To the west of Tea Country is Wind Country, and to the southeast is Sea Country. The northern and southernmost portions of the country are less mountainous and are used for tea production.


Tea Country, due to its location, avoids nearly all of the major fighting that has occurred since the creation of the hidden village system. Internal troubles have plagued the country from time to time, frequently between two crime families that make the country home. To keep the peace, the Daimyo instituted a race occurring every four years that determines which of the two clans controls a small city on the southeastern coast of the country. In 80AF, one of the clans cheated repeatedly in an attempt to win the race. The Daimyo was aware of the corruption and disbanded that clan permanently.

Notable Locations

Originally a small tea house just inside the border from Fire Country, a town built up around it that took the tea house's name for the town. Trade in the various teas unique to Tea Country increased after the Fourth Great Shinobi War brought a lengthy period of peace to the Elemental Lands, resulting in the welcome stop growing into the current small town.

Degarashi Port
A small city located on the southeastern coast of the country, it was fought over for many years by two crime families through a Daimyo-sponsored race. The city has been controlled by the Wasabi clan since 80AF.

Regional Location

River Country Fire Country Whirlpool Country
Wind Country
Tea Country
Sea Country
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