Romaji: Sunagakure no Sato
English: Hidden Sand
Formed: 7 AF
Government: Kazekage
Population ~16,120 (~5,373 ninja)
Status: Major
Location: East Central Wind Country

Located in east central Wind Country near River Country, Suna is one of the five major hidden villages and is led by the Kazekage. Suna's strong point is defense within their borders, using Fuuton jutsu to great effect in the desert. Suna ninja are also well received for merchant shipping when they use carefully controlled Fuuton jutsu to help propel the vessels across the water.

Recent History

Formed by Wind Country seven years after Konoha's founding, Suna rose in power over the next nine years to be one of six major villages at the time the First Great Shinobi War began. It battled with Iwa as an ally of Konoha during the war, and was designated a major shinobi village after the war by the peace treaty. It fought against Konoha and Iwa during the Second Great Shinobi War, and again against Iwa as an ally of Konoha during the Third Great Shinobi War. Following the end of that war, the Wind Daimyo began cutting Suna's budget and giving missions to Konoha instead. This resulted in the Yondaime Kazekage working with Oto to invade Konoha. After the invasion fell, the alliance between Konoha and Suna was renewed and strengthened. The opening of what would be the Fourth Great Shinobi War occurred with the kidnapping of the Gondaime Kazekage.

Treaties and Alliances

  • Treaty of Funkakou Gai (signed in 25 AF)
  • Treaty of Koganeiro Toshi (signed in 52 AF)
  • Treaty of Ryokugyoku Toshi (signed in 66 AF)
  • Konoha-Suna Alliance (amended and renewed in 100 AF)
  • Suna-Ame-Konoha Defense Treaty (renewed in 125 AF)


  • Shodai Kazekage
    • 7 - ?? AF
  • Nidaime Kazekage
    • ?? - ?? AF
  • Sandaime Kazekage
    • ?? - ~42 AF
    • Killed by Suna Missing-nin Sasori of the Red Sands
  • Yondaime Kazekage
    • ~42 - 79 AF
    • Killed by Konoha Missing-nin Orochimaru
  • Gondaime Kazekage, Gaara no Subaku
    • 79 - ?? AF

Notable Organizations

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