Snow Country
Snow Country
Romaji: Yuki no Kuni
English: Snow Country
Formed: 39 AF
Government: Daimyo
Status: Minor
Location: North of Earth Country
Industry: Technology

Known for its snow and icy weather, Snow Country is part of the northern border of what is referred to as the Elemental Lands. Largely cut off from Earth Country by mountains, Snow Country relies on maritime shipping for its livelihood. The country is also known for its technology, having pushed the boundaries of what can be made - including a chakra-powered railway system and ninja-usable chakra armor - and is frequently suspected of having access to a source of advanced technology to research.


Formed in 39 AF by the first Lord Kazahana. It stayed out of the Great Shinobi Wars and was largely overlooked. In 71 AF, Konoha ninja evacuated the heiress to the throne as the daimyo's brother led a coup that overthrew and killed the ruling daimyo. The usurper remained in control until December 79 AF, when a Konoha team escorting Koyuki Kazahana, the heiress, came to Snow Country and slew him and his forces defending her. During the incident, the Rainbow Glacier Generator was powered up, bringing what is later referred to as "spring" to the country for the first time.

After some discussion and debate, keeping the generator on all the time to fully remove the snow and ice from the country was decided against, and a yearly pattern of turning it on for several months to create a spring/winter cycle was devised. Since then Snow Country has continued technology research and providing proof-of-concept creations for marketing to other countries. Several countries have expressed interest in the chakra-powered railway, having seen it in operation for several decades and the long-term costs associated with it.

Notable Locations

Kazahana Castle
Home of the daimyo. It was damaged during the coup in 71 AF.

Rainbow Glaciers
A valley home to several glaciers. During the "spring" months, rainbows are frequently present, giving the location its name.

Rainbow Glacier Generator
A massive heat generator located near the Rainbow Glaciers. When activated, it heats the country, melting away much of the snow and ice. It is only turned on for parts of the year, and the natives refer to that time period as "spring."

Capital City
The capital of Snow Country. A moderate sized Dojo is operated here.

Spring Harbor
Located along the coast of Snow Country, this small city and seaport is one of the primary paths into or out of Snow Country. Ships from Lightning Country, Earth Country, and more frequent the harbor.

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