Sky Country
Sky Country
Romaji: Sora no Kuni
English: Sky Country
Formed: 25 AF
Government: Daimyo
Status: Minor
Location: On southern border of Lightning Country, northern border of Wood Country
Industry: None

Sky Country is one of the so-called 'buffer' countries. It forms the southern border to Lightning Country, and its southern border is held by fellow buffer country Wood Country. Prior to the Second Great Shinobi War, the primary export of the Country was it's hidden village. Since the hidden village's destruction, the country hasn't really managed to find a new export to replace Sora. Following the second destruction of Sora, the country does do a minor export in some of the technology scavenged from the ruins.


Born in 25 AF as a buffer country, it was considered a moderate country due to the existence of the hidden village Sora within it that the country was named for. During the next Great Shinobi War, Sora was wiped out by Konoha and Sky Country was downgraded to a minor country. In 83 AF, Sora made a reappearance by launching an attack on Konoha, but the rapid counterattack wiped out most of the remaining ninja.

Notable Locations

Ruins of Soragakure no Sato
Pre-First Great Shinobi War Hidden village located in the country later named after it, Sora rose to prominence in the Second Great Shinobi War. It battled Konoha and was utterly wiped out. The village ruins are located in the northwestern section of the country.

Regional Location

Sky Country Lightning Country
Wood Country Ocean
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