Sea Country
Sea Country
Romaji: Umi no Kuni
English: Sea Country
Formed: Unknown
Government: Daimyo
Status: Minor
Location: Southeast of Tea Country
Industry: Shipping, Fishing

Located southeast of Tea Country and far south of Water Country, Sea Country is a major shipping zone for ships heading south, passing between the eastern and western halves of the Elemental Lands, or east-west passage through the Elemental Lands to regions on either side of it.

For protection, Sea Country regularly makes payments to Kiri. In the last few decades, piracy near the western side of the country has resulted in a contingent of Suna being stationed along with some Kiri ninja to combat the problem.


Far enough south to avoid being caught in the various wars, Sea Country has avoided most attention. Orochimaru had a few facilities in the country, one that was fully abandoned by 80 AF and one that was destroyed in 80 AF. Other than the incident leading to the destruction of the second facility, nothing of note has really occurred.

Notable Locations

Jiro Island
The island closest to Tea Country, Orochimaru had another facility located here where early work on the Cursed Seals took place. It was discovered long abandoned in 80 AF. A force of ninja from Suna and Kiri are based out of the compound to perform anti-pirate activity for the Sea Country shipping lanes.

Kikai Island
Long considered a cursed island, in 80 AF it was discovered that the Konoha missing nin Orochimaru had a research facility hidden on the island. The facility's abduction of fishermen and sailors increased the island's reputation. The Konoha team that discovered the facility destroyed it and the location was completely buried by landslide.

Regional Location

Tea Country
Sea Country Moon Country
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