Rice Field Country
Rice Field Country
Romaji: Ta no Kuni
English: Rice Field Country
Formed: 56 AF
Government: Daimyo
Status: Minor
Location: Bordered by Iron, Wood, and Fire Countries
Industry: Rice and Grains

Split from Iron Country, Rice Field Country is along its east border and shares a neighbor in Fire Country along the south. As its name suggests, Rice Field Country primarily grows rice, though it also has a large industry in other grains. It briefly was home to a hidden village, but the village collapsed within a decade. It has a small but steady economy in the export of its rice and grains.


Originally part of Iron Country, it peacefully seceded from the country in 56 AF following the end of the Second Great Shinobi War four years earlier. While it had a decent economy centered on its rice and grain production, it wasn't having much luck growing its economy.

In 77 AF, Orochimaru approached the daimyo with the idea of forming a hidden village in the country. Seeing a path to becoming a higher status country, the daimyo agreed. Following the Suna-Oto Invasion in 79 AF, Oto ceased regular contact with the daimyo, and all contact had ceased by mid-83 AF. With the hidden village apparently collapsed, the country faced some economic difficulties due to Oto's actions but it persevered and moved past that.

During the 90s AF, Fire Country made overtures about bringing Rice Field Country under their banner, either through making them a vassal state or annexing the land and setting the daimyo up as lord of the region. Several other countries objected due to Rice Field being the sole land route to Iron Country from the eastern part of the Elemental Lands that wouldn't require passing through Fire Country. The idea was eventually dropped, though tariffs for import/exports with Rice Field Country were reduced by its neighbors in an effort to boost the economy.

The current Fire Daimyo appears to be looking back at Rice Field for inclusion in Fire Country, and there are rumors that agents of the daimyo are performing clandestine activities within it.

Notable Locations

Actually a number of underground facilities, the hidden village of Oto was started in 77 AF and had its operations spread across the country and even in other countries. Following the destruction of one facility in Grass Country and Sasuke Uchiha killing Orochimaru in 83 AF, the facilities appeared to have gone to pieces. All known facilities are closed off and quarantined for safety. Whenever a new one appears to be discovered, Konoha nin are typically called in to check and close it off.

Regional Location

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