Rain Country
Rain Country
Romaji: Ame no Kuni
English: Rain Country
Formed: 25 AF
Government: Daimyo
Status: Neutral Moderate
Location: Between Wind, Earth, and Fire Countries.
Industry: Mediation, Hidden Village

Born out of the ashes of the First Great Shinobi War, Rain Country has the dubious honor of being the intersect point of three major countries - Fire Country, Wind Country, and Earth Country. As a result, it has been a battlefield for multiple Great Shinobi Wars. Rain Country was largely destitute due to this but, following the end of the civil war and the Fourth Great Shinobi War, the country has significantly rebounded economically.


The Treaty of Funkakou Gai in 25 AF formed a number of buffer countries including Rain Country. The following year, Rain formed a hidden village with Hanzo the Salamander, a strong but overshadowed veteran of the First Great Shinobi War. The village built up as the years passed and worked on stopping incursions by the major villages as the bigger powers jockeyed against each other. When the Second Great Shinobi War broke out, Ame sided with Suna against Konoha and Iwa. Given that Rain Country was the center point between these powers, it quickly became an overrun battlefield. Much of the country was ruined by the heavy fighting, but Ame ninja made the invaders pay heavily for the ground.

Shortly after the war ended, a splinter group of Ame ninja appeared. A civil war broke out between them and Ame after they refused to follow Hanzo. The fighting raged for several years before the rebel leader was killed in a trap, but the war ramped up after that. Rain Country's civil war was kept quiet from outsiders by Hanzo closing the borders early on. It eventually ended when the new leader of the rebels led an invasion of Ame itself and slew Hanzo in battle.

Criminal Organization Akatsuki was based out of Rain Country for a long time until its destruction in 83 AF. Suna and Konoha aided in rebuilding efforts along with their respective countries, and Rain Country used Ame's neutrality declaration to start up mediation as a major industry in competition to Iron Country. It worked and Rain Country has rebounded from its bloodstained beginnings.

Notable Organizations

Rain Country's hidden village, it was formed in 26 AF and became quite famous during the battles of the Second Great Shinobi War.

Notable Locations

Mountain-Rain Highway
Starting northwest of Ame near the country's capital, this is a modern roadway connecting Rain Country to Mountain Country. It has two lanes per direction paved with stone for easier cart and wagon travel, and has a raised section on each side that can be used by ninja for moving quicker than the flow of traffic. The highway travels west into Bird Country, then through to Valley Country before ending part way into Mountain Country.

It is expected that the highway will be completed in early 134AF.

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