Mountain Country
Mountain Country
Romaji: Yama no Kuni
English: Mountain Country
Formed: 25 AF
Government: Daimyo
Status: Moderate
Location: Southwest of Earth Country, north of Valley Country
Industry: Unknown

Formed as a buffer between major countries, Mountain Country attempted to grow into its own place instead of being in the shadow of the neighboring countries. While part of the country seceded and its hidden village was destroyed during one of the numerous wars that took place near it, it managed to survive fairly unscathed. In recent years it appears that it is working on building an industry around recovering and reverse engineering tech from the Wastelands it borders.


Mountain Country was formed by the Treaty of Funkakou Gai in 25 AF as a buffer between Wind and Earth Countries. Shortly afterwards, it formed the Hidden Village Kagerou (Hidden Heat Haze, Kagerougakure no Sato). During the 30s AF, the southern and southeastern sections of the country split to form Valley Country. The relations between the two countries were tense afterward.

During the Second Great Shinobi War, Kagerou sided with Suna and fought Konoha. Eventually they were battered so badly that they made peace with Konoha and exited the war. At this point, Valley Country's Tani village launched an attack that wiped out Kagerou. In 55 AF, Mountain Country formed a new hidden village that is still in use to this day.

Notable Organizations

The Hidden Village of Yu was formed in 55 AF to act as more as a border defense force than a true hidden village like most of the other countries in the Elemental Lands had. It is located in the western part of the country, about midway between the north and south borders.

Notable Locations

Ruins of Kagerou
Built near the center of Mountain Country, it ended up in the southeastern section of the country when Valley Country seceded in the 30s AF. During the Second Great Shinobi War, Tani attacked after it had lost most of its forces battling Konoha and wiped out the village in 49 AF. The ruins were searched for survivors and recoverable ninja resources in the years following its destruction. The ruins have been left nearly totally abandoned since 55 AF, when a new hidden village was built elsewhere in Mountain Country.

Hakurei Shrine
A small shine and Inn complex in the mountainous region bordering Earth country. The shrine itself is currently run by a single Miko, while the Inn is co-owned between two women with a single maid on staff. It usually only receives travelers who need somewhere to stay while traversing Mountain Country. The Inn has a large Hot Spring in the back, with a strange turtle inhabiting them.

Regional Location

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