Moon Country
Moon Country
Romaji: Tsuki no Kuni
English: Moon Country
Formed: <0 AF
Government: Monarchy
Status: Moderate
Location: east of Sea Country
Industry: Tourism

Moon Country is well known for its tourism and casinos. Located near the tropics, Moon Country is warm all year, providing an ideal setting for vacations. Between that and its advertising campaigns, Moon Country is consider the top resort location in the Elemental Lands.


Formed at some point prior to 0 AF, Moon Country is unique among the Elemental Lands because it is the only monarchy rather than the traditional daimyo government of the other countries. Seeing as how it was off from the major trade shipping routes and didn't much renewable industry, the country turned to making it a paradise resort location. This proved to be a terrific choice and Moon Country's economy rapidly expanded. They put laws in place that would preserve the beauty that is the draw for tourists.

In 79 AF, the king was overthrown and killed by a coup while his son was out of the country. The son returned with a ninja escort and defeated the usurper before taking up his father's job.

In 85 AF, Moon Country was listed as the number one tropical cruise and vacation destination choice across the Elemental Lands in a survey. During the 90s AF, it became the host to several internationally renowned gambling tournaments and casinos.

Notable Locations

Tsuki Tokai
The primary city of Moon Country, Tsuki Tokai is a bustling metropolis with casinos, hotels, and other residential and commercial buildings. Maintaining a single major city allows the rest of the island to remain relatively untouched. It has a substantial sea port for cruise liners and shipping vessels. The Royal Palace is located just outside the city.

Regional Location

Ocean Ocean
Sea Country Moon Country
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