Romaji: Kumogakure no Sato
English: Hidden Cloud
Formed: 15 AF
Government: Raikage
Population ~24,180 (~10,747 ninja)
Status: Major
Location: Southwestern Lightning Country

Located in southwestern Lightning Country, Kumo is one of the strongest hidden villages. It's military size is tied for largest with Iwa, it's population is third behind Iwa and Konoha, and it has the best economy out of the five major villages. Up to the Fourth Great Shinobi War, Kumo was one of three villages with two jinchuuriki.

Recent History

Created in 15 AF, Kumo was the last formed village out of the five major hidden villages. It grew quickly and stayed out of the First Great Shinobi War for the first couple years before invading Fire Country in 18 AF. This eventually led to Kiri attacking Kumo, and both sides were stalemated by the end of the war in 25 AF. Kumo stayed out of the following two Great Shinobi Wars. A few years after the Kyuubi Attack on Konoha, Kumo invaded Fire Country. After a year of fighting, they sued for peace and nearly restarted the war when the Kumo delegation's leader attempted to kidnap a Hyuuga from Konoha. The abduction of the Nibi jinchuuriki and attempted abduction of the Hachibi jinchuuriki brought them into the Fourth Great Shinobi War.

Treaties and Alliances

  • Treaty of Funkakou Gai (signed in 25 AF)
  • Konoha-Kumo Peace Treaty (signed in 70 AF)


  • Shodai Raikage
    • 15 - ?? AF
  • Nidaime Raikage
    • ?? - ?? AF, out of power prior to 53 AF
  • Sandaime Raikage
    • ?? - 70 AF, known in power ~53 AF
    • Killed by his successor Ei.
  • Yondaime Raikage, Ei
    • 70 - ?? AF, known in power ~83 AF

Notable Organizations

Master Bounty Hunters
The Kumo equivalent to Konoha's ANBU special forces corps.

Notable Locations

Valley of Clouds and Lightning
A water-filled valley covered in clouds near Kumo. It is a training area for Kumo jinchuuriki that's near enough Kumo ninja can check in on the jinchuuriki quickly, while being far enough away that high level attacks or rampages won't damage the village.

Monster Island
Accessible only by boat, this remote island is a training ground for Kumo ninja. The shores are guarded by a giant squid and the island is covered by barrier jutsu. Hidden on the island is a shrine used by jinchuuriki to try to tame their Biju.


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