Romaji: Konohagakure no Sato
English: Hidden Leaf
Formed: 0 AF
Government: Hokage
Population ~40,300 (~8,060 ninja)
Status: Major
Location: Center of Fire Country

One of the Five Great Shinobi Villages, Konoha is located in the center of Fire Country and the Elemental Lands in general. Since its founding in 0 AF, it has participated in every Great Shinobi War to occur, as well as numerous smaller wars. Konoha manages to hold its own against larger forces and explains it as being due to the Will of Fire within every Konoha ninja. Only two Hokages have made it to retirement and stayed there, with four more having died in battle.

Recent History

Konoha was actually the first true ninja village founded and started a new age for ninjas. The current primary calendar system for the Elemental Countries uses the founding of Konoha as the zero-year. Konoha has participated in four Great Shinobi Wars, numerous small wars, and survived two invasions. In 79 AF, Sound and Sand villages invaded Konoha during the last part of the Chunin Exam. The invasion failed and Sand sued for peace after discovering the corpse of their long-dead Kazekage. In 82-83 AF, Konoha took action against Akatsuki, destroying the organization with the aid of the other major villages during the Fourth Great Shinobi War (4GSW).

The unified teamwork between the major villages in 4GSW led to a period of peace between the great villages, and Naruto Uzumaki managed to maintain that peace during his time as the Rokudaime Hokage, working to keep small wars or battles from escalating into a major war.

Treaties and Alliances

  • Treaty of Funkakou Gai (signed in 25 AF)
  • Treaty of Koganeiro Toshi (signed in 52 AF)
  • Treaty of Ryokugyoku Toshi (signed in 66 AF)
  • Konoha-Suna Alliance (amended and renewed in 100 AF)
  • Konoha-Taki Treaty (amended and renewed in 130 AF)
  • Suna-Ame-Konoha Defense Treaty (renewed in 125 AF).


  • Shodai Hokage, Hashirama Senju
    • 0 - 18 AF
    • Died of wounds from battle with the both Nibi and Hachibi jinchuuriki.
  • Nidaime Hokage, Tobirama Senju
  • Sandaime Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi
    • 24 - 66 AF
      • Retired
    • 67 - 79 AF
    • Killed by Konoha Missing-nin Orochimaru
  • Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze
    • 66 - 67 AF
    • Killed sealing the Kyuubi
  • Gondaime Hokage, Tsunade
    • 79 - 99 AF
    • Retired
  • Rokudaime Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze
    • 99 - 124 AF
    • Retired
  • Nanadaime Hokage, Hanabi Hyuuga (current Hokage)
    • 124 - present AF

Notable Organizations

Akimichi Clan
One of the longest known clans in existence, the Akimichi Clan have been with Konoha since around its founding and are considered one of the village's four noble clans. Their calorie based clan jutsu enable them to deliver heavy damage to enemies while absorbing their attacks. They hold close ties to the Nara and Yamanaka Clans in Konoha.

Hyuuga Clan
One of the village's four noble clans, the Hyuuga are known for their bloodline, the Byakugan, and their unique taijutsu style, the Gentle Fist. For much of the clan's history, there were two parts to the clan - the Main House, which led the clan, and the Branch House, which handled security and menial labor. The Branch members were also branded with a seal that destroyed the Byakugan on death and could be activated to cause pain or death to the person. During the reign of the Rokudaime Hokage, this practice was abolished and the two houses were merged.

Inuzuka Clan
A long time clan of Konoha, the Inuzuka are well known for their tracking abilities and their ninken companions.

Namikaze Clan
Originally created when Minato Namikaze became the Yondaime Hokage, it was largely thought that it was wiped out when he died against the Kyuubi without leaving a wife or child behind. It was resurrected when Naruto Uzumaki was revealed to be his son. Hinata Hyuuga took up the clan name when she married Naruto. The clan has been expanding since then.

Uchiha Clan
One of the two founding clans of Konoha and one of the village's four noble clans, the Uchiha are known for their bloodline, the Sharingan. Shortly after the Kyuubi attack, the clan was nearly completely wiped out by one of its members. Years later, the sole survivor of the massacre abandoned Konoha. Some time in the next decade, that member was brought back to Konoha. He settled down and started rebuilding his clan, but public opinion towards the clan had soured by that point and the Uchiha have been working to improve their image ever since then.

Uzumaki Clan
Originally from Whirlpool Country and almost entirely wiped out, it was reborn with Rokudaime Hokage Naruto Uzumaki's marriage to Sakura Haruno. Due to the Rokudaime being head of both Namikaze and Uzumaki clans, the two are close in location and ties.

Notable Locations

Administration Building
The Administration Building, generally referred to as the Hokage Tower, is the center of village administration. The building was initially three connected domes with a wall surrounding it and a main entrance in the front of the wall. In the years following Pein's attack on the village, the building was rebuilt and expanded back towards the rock face of the Hokage Monument, adding three new domes. Since then, the building has continued expanding back into the Monument. The Hokage's Tower hold offices for the Hokage, their personal advisors, various departments responsible for the daily operation of the village, meeting rooms for ninjas, and (following the last phase of expansion into the Monument) the ninja library.

The Crater/Lakeside
The crater caused by Pein's attack in 83 AF remained and mostly filled in with water and is now a lake. It is referred to by either name.

Hokage Monument
Forming one border to the village is a decent sized mountain. On the side of the mountain facing the village is a monument - the carvings of the faces for all past and present Hokages. It starts on the left with the Shodai Hokage, and proceeds right with the Nidaime through Nanadaime Hokages.

Ichiraku Ramen
Ichiraku Ramen started as a small ramen stand until a boy named Naruto Uzumaki started eating there. In the decades since, the business has grown. It is rumored that the boy bought enough ramen over the years that he nearly single-handedly financed reconstruction of the stand following Pein's attack in 83 AF. The stand had become popular and expanded during reconstruction. It maintains an external area resembling the original stand for To-go orders and quick meals, while providing an interior restaurant-like section for groups and those not in a rush. The restaurant has a bar section resembling the original stand, but also boasts tables and booths.

Konoha Hospital
Konoha Hospital survived Pein's attack mostly unscathed, but handling the injured after the attack severely taxed the capabilities of the hospital. In 84AF, a new building was built behind the hospital that took over the duties while the original hospital underwent extensive repairs, expansions, and modernization. In 87AF, the original building reopened with three new wings added that connected it to the new hospital building. Gondaime Hokage Tsunade ran the hospital for ten years (99-109AF) following her retirement from the position of Hokage. Her assistant Shizune ran the hospital until retiring (109-124AF). Current administrator at Konoha Hospital is the Rokudaime's wife, Sakura.

Konoha Ninja Training Complex
The Ninja Training Complex is the central education area for the village's police and ninja forces. Located at the complex are obstacle courses, physical training paths, the KMP Academy, the Ninja Academy, the Advanced Training Center, and the Shinobi Training Center.

Konoha Prison
Konoha's prison is located on the far edge of Old Konoha from the village. This enables the prison to be quickly accessed by ninja forces when necessary while keeping prisoners distant from the civilian population. It handles normal prisoners on up to super max prisoners that require solitary confinement.

Konoha Underground Ruins / Catacombs
The former gravesites of the Shodai and Nidaime Hokages. Filled with mostly disabled traps and said to connect to a former ROOT base.

Mitarashi Dango
Founded in 99AF by newly retired Anko Mitarashi down the street from Ichiraku's Ramen. The story is that Anko had argued with the Rokudaime over whether dango or ramen was better, and after retiring started the dango shop nearby to take customers from the Rokudaime's favorite shop, thus proving dango was better. Suffice to say, the rivalry between the two businesses has gone from friendly to… well, some ninja wars have been less cutthroat and brutal.

Old Konoha
This area consists of various buildings that were deemed unusable during the rebuilding. Most have sunken into the earth by now.


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