Romaji: Iwagakure no Sato
English: Hidden Rock
Formed: 3 AF
Government: Tsuchikage
Population ~32,240 (~10,750 ninja)
Status: Major
Location: Eastern Earth Country

One of the Five Great Shinobi Villages, Iwa is located in the eastern part of Earth Country in the northwestern region of the Elemental Lands. It was the second Hidden Village formed, and has participated in every Great Shinobi War to date.


History of the country.

Treaties and Alliances

  • Treaty of Funkakou Gai (signed in 25 AF)
  • Treaty of Koganeiro Toshi (signed in 52 AF)
  • Treaty of Ryokugyoku Toshi (signed in 66 AF)


  • Shodai Tsuchikage, ? Kamizuru
    • 3 - 14 AF
    • Died of old age
  • Nidaime Tsuchikage, Mu Urokono
    • 14 - 21 AF
    • Killed by Kiri's Nidaime Mizukage.
  • Sandaime Tsuchikage. Onoki Nishiyama
    • 21 - 84 AF
    • Died of old age
  • Yondaime Tsuchikage, Kitsuchi Nishiyama
    • 84 - 105 AF
    • Retired
  • Gondaime Tsuchikage, Kurotsuchi Nishiyama
    • 105 - 125 AF
    • Retired
  • Rokudaime Tsuchikage, ? Nishiyama
    • 125 - present AF

Notable Organizations

Gyokuseki Clan

Kamizuru Clan
A clan of ant, bee, and wasp users somewhat similar to Konoha's Aburame Clan. It was largely wiped out by the Aburame Clan in battle. It was rebuilt by adopting in clan-less shinobi, though it is still a shadow of its former self.

Nishiyama Clan

Urokono Clan

Notable Locations

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