Grass Country
Grass Country
Romaji: Kusa no Kuni
English: Grass Country
Formed: 25 AF
Government: Daimyo
Status: Moderate
Location: between Earth, Fire, Rain, and Waterfall Countries
Industry: Hidden Village

Grass Country's birth and growth is seemingly tied to the great shinobi wars. Born from the end of the First Great Shinobi War and given a hidden village after the Third Great Shinobi War, Grass Country's early life largely was due to the ill will between Earth Country and Fire Country. Nowadays, Grass Country has a few major trade routes passing through it and has a decent economy with the aid of its hidden village.


Created in 25 AF by the Treaty of Funkakou Gai, Grass Country served as a buffer country between Earth and Fire. When the Second Great Shinobi War broke out, Grass became a battlefield between Konoha and Iwa ninja but was luckily spared the majority of fighting unlike its southern neighbor Rain Country. It recovered quickly after the war with the aid of trade revenue and expanded the roads and bridges used by the trade caravans.

As a result, Iwa ninja rolled through the country towards Konoha went the Third Great Shinobi War broke out. This time the country did not get off so lightly, and by the time the Treaty of Ryokugyoku Toshi brought the war to an end, the road and bridge network was a shambles. As part of the treaty, the hidden village of Kusa was formed within Grass Country to provide an extra buffer layer.

Grass finished rebuilding its road and bridge network by 83 AF, though a battle with Orochimaru nearly demolished one of the rebuilt bridges. Since then it has worked on its roads and travel accommodation in an attempt to lure trade caravans to pass through it rather than go over to Earth Country before moving north or south. Seeing the potential in the highway being constructed from Rain to Mountain Country, Grass's Daimyo began talks with Waterfall Country to its north and Rain Country to the south about constructing a similar highway connecting their three countries that would tie into the existing one going east-west. Construction would not be expected to start until 135 AF at the earliest should the details be successfully worked out.

In recent years Grass Country has had Kusa ninja performing more border sweeps than they used to, and unconfirmed reports indicate that agents of a foreign power have been bagged by the more frequent sweeps.

Notable Organizations

Grass Country's hidden village. Formed in 66 AF, it has growing decently since then and has a well trained force for its size.

Regional Location

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