Fire Country
Fire Country
Romaji: Hi no Kuni
English: Fire Country
Formed: Unknown
Government: Daimyo
Status: Major Country
Location: Approx center of Elemental Lands
Industry: Hidden Village, Lumber/Wood, Mining, Trade

Fire Country is the fourth largest nation in the Elemental Countries and home to one of the five great ninja villages. It lies in the approximate "center" of the region known as the Elemental Countries. It is economically powerful due to its location because the quickest routes frequently pass through it.


Due to its location and hidden village, it is frequently involved in wars. It was involved in the First Great Shinobi War, and lost some of its territory at the end of the war to create buffer countries. Its western territory became battlegrounds during both the Second Great Shinobi War and the Third Great Shinobi War. After the end of the Fourth Great Shinobi War, Fire Country's economy boomed from the temporarily decreased tension between major hidden villages in the wake of their alliance and the diplomatic efforts of the Rokudaime Hokage.

Notable Organizations

One of the five great ninja villages, it's located in the center of the country.

Notable Locations

Crater City
Built in an old crater, this city is fairly typical of Fire Country cities. It is located south of Konoha between Otafuku Gai and Tanzaku Gai.

Fire Country Capital
Located in the southern part of Fire Country, and the home of the Fire Daimyo as well as much of the administrative government for the country.

Located at the nexus of several major roads in fire country, including the road from Konoha in the south, the road from Waterfall in the north and the road from Grass in the west. A medium to large town and centre of trade due to it's location. However it's reliance on ground water and a small river rather than a large river or lake has kept it from becoming a major city in fire country. There's a permanent small contingent of STC Shinobi stationed here to deal with the inevitable thieves and brigands attracted to a city with strong trade, however most civil matters are dealt with by the local police force. As expected trade is the major commodity, however farming is good enough in the general vicinity that if trade was cut off the permanent residents would be very hungry, but probably wouldn't starve. There's a very high visitor turnover and a large percentage of the population in the city at any time are visiting traders and travellers passing through, Accommodation is also a big business here. The market here is one of the largest in fire country, there's also a large hiring fair here twice every year for farmers and landowners to hire workers during planting and harvest.

Otafuku Gai
A tourist town around 12 kilometers southeast of Konoha, it boasts numerous entertainment venues and hotels. Otafuku Gai also is known for its pleasure quarter Fun Fun Street.

Sodegaura is a medium sized mining town in Fire Country near the border with Waterfall country. The town is part of the fiefdom of Lord Itakura Hiroshi who inherited his lands and powers at the passing of his father 4 years ago.

Tanzaku Gai
An ancient town that formed in the shadow of the historic Tanzaku Castle, located in southwest Fire Country about halfway between the River Country border and Konoha. In 79AF, Tanzaku Castle was destroyed by a snake summon of Orochimaru. Years later, the castle was rebuilt with care taken to use the same building techniques and methods rather than use modern methods while just keeping the appearance of the original castle. The only modern addition to the castle was a network of anti-summoning seals built into the structure, preventing anyone from summoning within the castle. In 133AF, a multi-acre section of forest southwest of the city along a cliffside was razed in a series of explosions and was connected to bandit camp ruins found within the destruction.

Valley of the End
Located on the border between Rice Field and Fire Countries, the Valley of the End is a vast waterfall. It commemorates the battle between the Shodai Hokage and Madara Uchiha, and two statues (one on each side of the border) that stand taller than the waterfall mark the location. Story says that the fight between the two created the actual valley from the damage. In 80AF, a battle between Naruto Uzumaki and another Uchiha, Sasuke Uchiha, occurred at the valley, causing noticeable damage to both statues. The damage was not repaired in the years since the fight.

Regional Location

Waterfall Country Iron Country Rice Field Country
Grass Country Wood Country
Rain Country Ocean
Fire Country Wave Country
River Country Ocean
Whirlpool Country
Ocean Ocean
Tea Country
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