Elemental Lands

The Elemental Lands consists of a large number of countries named after various things, the five largest and most powerful countries named after the five elements - earth, wind, water, lightning, and fire. The smaller countries are generally named after a major "theme" for the country - rice fields, rivers, grasslands, constant rain, and so forth. Within many of these countries are so called "Hidden Villages" where large numbers of shinobi have banded together to, basically, allow collective bargaining with getting missions while also allowing improved security for those within the village.

The majority of the ninja world is centered in this region.

Major Countries

To be considered a Major Country, a country needs to be home to one of the great Hidden Villages. As it currently stands, there are only 5 major countries in the Elemental Lands.

Moderate Countries

Moderate Countries span the gap between the fairly weak Minor Countries and the elite Major Countries. Most countries with a Hidden Village are automatically considered a Moderate Country, though it is not a certainty. Strong economic countries can also be considered Moderate Countries based on the strength of their trade.

Minor Countries

At the bottom of the hierarchy are the Minor Countries. Most of these countries were formed by the treaty ending the First Great Shinobi War and generally serve as buffers between the Major Countries. Some of these countries had Hidden Villages at some point in their history, though that may no longer be the case.

Hidden Villages

Spread around the Elemental Lands are ninja villages. Due to the various Great Shinobi Wars, there are fewer Hidden Villages then there were prior to the First Great Shinobi War. See Hidden Villages for more information and a list of known villages.

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