Earth Country
Earth Country
Romaji: Tsuchi no Kuni
English: Earth Country
Formed: Unknown
Government: Daimyo
Status: Major Country
Location: Borders Grass, Waterfall, Rain, Bird, Valley, Mountain, and Snow Countries.
Industry: Hidden Village, Stone

The second largest country in the Elemental Lands, Earth Country makes what most people consider the northwestern corner of the Elemental Lands. Much of the western and northern sections of the country are mountains, with a small hilly region at their base and much of the southeastern part of the country is steppe. Iwa, following the First Great Shinobi War began altering the southeastern border of the country to be more mountainous and defendable.


Due to its hidden village, Earth Country has participated in four Great Shinobi Wars and numerous smaller conflicts. It has attempted to regain territory lost at the end of the First Great Shinobi War, but has been largely unsuccessful. When relations between Fire and Earth soured after the Third Great Shinobi War, Earth Country was forced to alter its supply and trade routes, causing the country to suffer some economic trouble for a few years before things smoothed out.

Notable Organizations

The Hidden Village of Iwa is located in the southeastern part of Earth Country, near Waterfall Country. It is a major village, led by the Tsuchikage.

Regional Location

Snow Country
Wastelands Earth Country
Waterfall Country
Grass Country
Mountain Country
Valley Country Bird Country
Rain Country
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