Bird Country
Bird Country
Romaji: Tori no Kuni
English: Bird Country
Formed: 25 AF
Government: Daimyo
Status: Minor
Location: Between Earth and Wind Countries,
Rain Country to the east
Industry: Unknown

A fairly small country, it borders two of the major powers - Earth Country and Wind Country - in the Elemental Lands. It also shares a border with Rain Country to the east and Valley Country to the west.


One of several countries born out of the need to put buffers between the major powers, Bird Country came to be from the Treaty of Funkakou Gai. It has been the scene of much fighting during two great shinobi wars since its inception.

In 80 AF, a team of Konoha ninja helped uncover a plot by a wandering ninja clan to overthrow the country's daimyo, and helped prevent its success. In the early 130s AF, Bird Country began taking part in the construction of a major highway that connects Mountain Country to Rain Country. By August of 133 AF, just over half of the highway was complete and most of the remaining section to be built is in Bird Country that will link the two ends. Completion of the highway is estimated to be another 5-6 months.

Regional Location

Earth Country
Valley Country Bird Country Rain Country
Wind Country
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