Shinobi Training Center

Konoha's Shinobi Training Center is the largest section of the village's Ninja Training Complex, with the Konoha Military Police and the Ninja Academy taking up the remaining sections of the complex. The STC provides the bulk of Konoha's military force.


The Shinobi Training Center trains students along the same path as the Ninja Academy, generally beginning at age 6 and graduating at age 11-12. Unlike the Academy, the STC does not require tuition fees, and in fact, the STC provides a small wage to students to attend and pass. As such, more students apply to the STC, particularly from poorer families that cannot afford tuition or receive a scholarship. Exceptional STC students may be given the option to transfer up to the Academy.

Students wishing to attend must pass a basic test including having a base level of chakra. Academy students that fail out of that training are placed into the STC training. Failing out of STC washes them out of the program. Academy students that pass graduation but fail the genin test can either repeat the year or (first time or after third fail) get placed in the STC's remedial program that encompasses the last six months of the standard STC training cycle - and at least 1/3 of the remedial class washes out in the first three months.


A shinobi's training lasts six years. The STC training is much more "boot camp" than the Academy's "officer training" training style. This is due to the fact that Academy graduates tend to be the "face" of the village to clients while the STC graduates are the ones that end up with most of the grunt work. All STC students and graduates wear a standard uniform unlike Academy students and graduates.

The first half of the training cycle concentrates more on 'book' knowledge and physical training. This includes some history, language, math, shinobi laws, combat tactics, and geography. Physical training encompasses running, climbing, and taijutsu. This part of the course weeds out around 50% of the people who are completely unfit for a ninja career.

The second half of the training cycle adds chakra expression training, basic jutsu training, and jutsu knowledge and theory. Physical training begins introducing the obstacle course. The last six months of STC training recaps the book knowledge and works on maintaining physical conditioning while enhancing chakra control by teaching Kinobori no Waza (Tree Climbing) and Suimen Hokou no Waza (Water Walking) exercises. Talented STC students may also take specialist classes at the Academy, but those classes are completely optional unlike at the Academy.

At the end of training, students have to pass four tests - a written test, a jutsu test, and a phyiscal test. The physical test involves completing the obstacle course in less than a specific time. Completing the course under time requires competent use of tree climbing and water walking skills beyond the basics. The final test is a teamwork test, similar to the genin test given to graduated Academy students (minus intentional anti-teamwork rules like in the bell test).


After graduating, STC genin are formed into squads of 12, including a STC Chunin or higher serving as squad leader. These units tend to remaining the same after this point except for injuries, deaths, and promotions.

STC Genin squads are generally held close to the village performing the tasks that elite genin cells can't be bothered with doing. Some squads are given an operational specialty and return to the STC to undergo training in that specialty. When they graduate from that training, they are promoted to Chunin. Alternately, once a Genin Squad has increased their skills sufficiently, the unit is promoted to Chunin.

STC Chunin Squads comprise the bulk of STC forces. They perform border patrol, act as gate guards, garrison vital areas of Fire Country, and so forth. Any STC unit that did not receive additional training as a Genin Squad may be given advanced training at this point. A number of STC Chunin Squads receive MSC training from ANBU and are kept available to assist that battalion in quarantines and the like.

Few STC Chunin make the jump to Jounin level. STC Jounin act as squad leaders for Genin Squads or operate in 4-man cells. Conversely, many STC ninja successfully make the move into ANBU, understanding the concept behind the black ops group better than flashier elite ninjas.


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