Konoha Table of Organization

Table of Organization

Administrative Corps

  • Administration Division
    • Internal Revenue Battalion
    • Legal Services Battalion
    • Mission Application Battalion
  • Communications Division
    • Courier Battalion
    • Messenger Creatures Battalion
  • Library and Archives Division

ANBU Corps

  • Field Division
    • Assassination Battalion
    • Demolition Battalion
    • Hunter Ninja Battalion
    • MSC Battalion
    • Operations (Ops) Battalion
  • Intel Division
    • Cryptology, Forgery, and Spying (CFS) Battalion
    • Internal Affairs (IA) Battalion
    • Jutsu Research & Development (JR&D) Battalion
    • Seduction Battalion
    • Torture & Interrogation (T&I) Battalion

Combat Corps

  • Defense Division
    • Construction Battalion
    • Defense Battalion
      • Includes Konoha Barrier Teams
    • Escort Battalion
  • Reconnaissance Division
    • Capture & Interrogation (C&I) Battalion
    • Infiltration Battalion
    • Reconnaissance (Recon) Battalion
    • Search and Retrieve (SAR) Battalion
  • Strike Division
    • Combat and Tactical Battalion
    • Assault Battalion
    • Free Response Battalion
      • Includes elite Recon Raider teams.

Konoha Military Police Corps

  • As this is a mostly civilian Corps despite being in the Konoha T/O, nearly all of its totals are not included within the force totals.

Medical Corps

  • Shinobi Medical Division
  • Veterinary Medical Division

Training Corps

  • Ninja Training Battalion
  • Military Police Training Battalion

Special Combat Designations

Recon Raider1
Konoha prides itself on teamwork, and the Recon Raider teams are the epitome of this concept. Elite Free Response teams, Recon Raiders work to avoid "becoming overly specialized, and train to deal with unfavorable odds." A step above most free response teams and a step down from ANBU Operations teams, Recon Raiders can handle nearly any task and, in times of war, can shut down numerous combat platoons with a single team. Their motto is "Right time, right place, right way."

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