Ninja Training Complex

The Ninja Training Complex is Konoha's central location for nearly all education needs for military or police forces. It consists of four distinct Academies or Training Centers along with numerous obstacle courses, running paths, and ranges. Originally created in 10 AF during the formation of the village, the NTC consisted of two locations. Over the course of its 123 years of existence, it has expanded to its current four locations and was partially rebuilt after Pein's attack in 83 AF.


Advanced Training Center

Specialist classes were initially taught out of the Ninja Academy with personal instructors split off to train STC squads in specializations. While rebuilding from Pein's attack, it was decided to split that section off for the most part and establish a separate training center to handle that training. The ATC currently handles all military ninja squad specialization training as well as 80% of other specialization training.

Konoha Military Police Academy

The KMP Academy is the location where all applicants to join the police force are trained to perform that duty. It has on-site dorms for all KMPA students. See the KMP entry for more detail.

Ninja Academy

The Ninja Academy, founded in 0 AF, is the most visible part of the NTC. It handle a portion of ninja applicants, and its training program is considered the "elite" program. Students attending the Academy pay tuition fees. See the Ninja Academy entry for more details.

Shinobi Training Center

The Shinobi Training Center is one of two locations in the complex that train children to become ninjas. This facility is the "boot camp" of the two choices, and the program is generally referred to as the "military" program. See the STC entry for more detail.

Other Facilities

Obstacle Courses

Primarily used by the STC, these obstacle courses force users to know and use a variety of skills crucial to their ninja career. STC graduates can run an obstacle course that includes crawling across a body of water without falling in and walking up a wall.

Physical training paths

These paths are used to increase strength and physical stamina in a variety of ways. There are artificial hills and valleys along some paths to provide additional challenges and paths vary in length.


The training ranges, located close to the facilities, enable taijutsu class training and sparring, as well as throwing practice ranges, ninjutsu practice ranges, combat tag ranges, and more. These ranges are separate from the training grounds used by genin and other ninja after graduation.

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