Konoha Ninja Academy

Konoha's elite ninja are generally trained at the Ninja Academy. The Ninja Academy is part of the village's Ninja Training Complex along with the Shinobi Training Center, the Konoha Military Police Academy, and the Advanced Training Center.


The Ninja Academy is one of two paths to become a ninja, and like the Shinobi Training Center (STC), students generally begin at the Academy at age 6 and graduate at age 11-12. The more prestigious of the two paths, the Ninja Academy requires tuition fees for a student to attend. As a result, clans and richer families tend to be the majority the student body of the Academy. Exceptional students that cannot afford to pay the fees to attend may be given scholarships. To be accepted at the Academy, the prospective student must pass a basic test that includes having a base level of chakra, though in certain situations parts of the test may be waived for a student.

Scholarships include:

  • Provided they pass the entry tests, children with a full Jounin parent (not necessary a Konoha Jounin) get automatic entry and free tuition to the Academy program. These children must remain in the top 25% of the class overall or the top 3 of a subject to retain this scholarship, but it's one of the perks of making jounin.
  • Clans get a "discount rate" so to speak.
  • There are also scholarships based on aptitude tests.

The Academy starts and graduates two "classes" a year. The Spring class starts two weeks after the spring graduation - which itself occurs six months after fall classes start -, and the fall graduation occurs six months later (with fall class starting two weeks after that graduation). As a result, there are typically twelve different classes of students operating at the Academy all year long, with a new class of six year olds starting following the graduation of a class of 11-12 year olds every six months.


A shinobi's training lasts six years. The Academy has a more "officer training" style compared to the STC's "boot camp" training style. This is due to the fact that Academy graduates tend to be the "face" of the village to clients while the STC graduates are the ones that end up with most of the grunt work. Unlike the STC, Academy students and graduates do not have a dress code or uniform they have to wear. Due to all the above, the Academy program is generally considered the "elite" program as opposed to the STC's "military" program.

The first half of the training cycle concentrates more on 'book' knowledge and physical training. This includes history, language, math, shinobi laws, combat tactics, geography, and jutsu knowledge and theory. Physical training encompasses running, climbing, sougujutsu, and taijutsu. Given that chakra levels are dependent on physical and mental energies, this half of the training cycle works to build up the stores of each aspect so a shinobi is better prepared for the chakra-related sections of training.

The second half of the training cycle adds chakra expression training, basic jutsu training. Physical training introduces wilderness survival and stealth training. In addition, during this half of the training cycle, an Academy student takes up the Academy level specializations training required for graduation. The last six months of training recaps the book knowledge and works on maintaining physical conditioning.


At the end of training, students have to pass three tests - a written test, a jutsu test, and a physical test. The written test covers the knowledge they were taught over the last six years. The physical test involves taijutsu spars and sougujutsu (shuriken and kunai throwing) accuracy tests. The final test is a jutsu test covering the Basic Three jutsu of Henge, Kawarimi, and Bunshin.

It is possible to graduate with only passing two of the tests, though it would require near perfects on those two tests, and some times waivers are granted regarding a test. Some shinobi that graduate have the option to defer their graduation by up to six months if a sufficiently good reason is provided. Such deferments are given on a case-by-case basis.


Following graduation, Academy Genin are assigned to a team of three under a Jounin-sensei. The Jounin-sensei gives the team a test - generally testing their teamwork - and teams that fail lose their Genin rank and return to either the Academy to repeat their final year or the STC for remedial training.

Teams that pass go on to be taught by their Jounin-sensei and perform D-rank missions around the village until such a point as the sensei is confident they're ready for more, at which point they can begin performing C-rank missions. As Genin, these shinobi can also take additional specialization training to expand their skills further. The primary method for elite Genin to be promoted is through the Chunin Exam.


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