Kiri Table of Organization

Tied with Suna for smallest population of the major villages, it maintains a ninja force equal to Konoha. During the reign of the Sandaime Mizukage, the village's special forces corps became a majority Hunter Ninja force as part of the bloodline purges. The Civil War didn't assist with organization either, leading Kiri to have a fairly lean set-up by the time the war ended.

After the Civil War, Kiri rebuilt and decided that the lean design worked well for their situation. The largest change since then is a slow move to shrink the Hunter Ninja totals and increase other special forces unit sizes since Kiri ninja had largely stopped going missing-nin by that point, reducing the need for large numbers of ninja dedicate to hunting them.

Table of Organization

Administrative Corps

  • Administration Division
    • Internal Revenue Battalion
    • Legal Services Battalion
  • Communications Division
    • Courier Battalion
    • Messenger Creature Battalion
  • Library and Archives Division

Undertaker Squad

  • Hunter Ninja Division
    • Assassination Battalion
    • Internal Affairs Battalion
    • Jutsu R&D Battalion
  • Intel Division
    • Cryptology, Forgery, Spying, and Seduction Battalion
    • MSC Battalion
    • Torture & Interrogation Battalion

Combat Corps

  • Defense Division
    • Defense Battalion
    • Engineering Battalion
      • Includes construction and demolition teams
    • Medical Battalion
      • Includes medical ninjas and veterinary ninjas
  • Strike Division
    • Assault Battalion
    • Combat Battalion
      • Includes Escort teams
    • Free Response Battalion
      • Includes elite "Sirens" teams.
    • Reconnaissance Battalion
      • Includes Capture & Interrogate, Infiltration, Search & Retrieve teams

Kiri Military Police Corps

Training Corps

  • Ninja Training Division
  • Military Police Training Division

Special Combat Designations

Sirens (??)
Elite team of aquatic combat specialists1.

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