Tengen: Joukaimi no Jutsu
Tengen: Joukaimi no Jutsu
Romaji: Tengen: Joukaimi no Jutsu
English: Heavenly Illusion: Heaven Viewing
Classification: Genjutsu
Type: Sensory
Rank: D
Class: Supplementary
Range: Close (0~5m)

A single target, multiple senses jutsu that causes its target to see a pleasurable vision. Like Magen: Narakumi (Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing), a circle of objects - typically items in quantity nearby such as sand or leaves depending on location - spins and envelops the target before falling away. After that, the world appears normal to the target until they see the vision.

Much like its counterpart, this illusion is easy to spot due to the swirling obstruction that occurs as the illusion is anchored to the target, thus its low rank. Also, the illusion is best employed if the target is researched enough beforehand that the pleasurable vision is something that they'd find pleasurable.

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