Tajuu Kankaku No Hakudatsu
Tajuu Kankaku no Hakudatsu
Romaji: Tajuu Kankaku no Hakudatsu
English: Deprivation of Multiple Senses
Classification: Genjutsu
Type: Sensory
Rank: B-A
Class: Supplementary
Range: Close, Mid(, Far) (0~10m(+))

This jutsu combines two or more of the individual Kankaku no Hakudatsu jutsu into one. If the user combines four or more sense deprivation jutsu, the possible range of the genjutsu drops to a maximum of 10 meters due to the complexity of handling the various senses. At five or more senses, the rank of the genjutsu increases from B to A. This jutsu is mission usable as long as the user can competently handle cutting off all the senses they attempt and combine well the senses to be deprived.

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