Romaji: Suna Mokushi no Waza
English: Art of Sandsight
Classification: Ninjutsu
Type: Non-Elemental
Rank: Unknown
Class: Supplementary

Given the sandy conditions of Wind Country, a sand storm is always a possible threat for travelers. Sandsight1 allows the user to see clearly during sandstorms as if the storm was not there. It is usually paired with Arashi Hokousha no Waza (Stormwalker) to allow ninjas to continue moving and operating regardlesss of weather conditions.

Sandsight, like Suna's other chakra control exercises, is a survival tool for those in the desert and is taught as part of their Academy as basic survival jutsu. Due to dust storms in some regions of Earth Country, Iwa has a similar technique based on Suna's that is referred to as Dustsight.

Known Users

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